Tea - Humanitea


Tea - Humanitea


Kitt Philippa can often be seen with a cup of tea on stage, their love of soothing herbal blends was apparent when they started chatting to Belfast based artisan tea makers Suki Tea about the idea of creating their own unique blend of caffeine free loose leaf tea.

The result is ‘Humanitea’ a harmonious and balanced caffeine free herbal infusion with soothing honey floral notes from lemongrass & chamomile balanced by the deep woody rooibos finished with a peppery kick.

“With its caffeine free roots and tight notes, I hope this tea plays its part in facilitating health and wellbeing” - Kitt Philippa

About Suki Tea

Artisan Tea Makers based in Belfast since 2004.

Prominent in the hospitality industry for providing a wide variety of ethically sourced, great tasting

loose leaf tea and the iconic Suki Teapot and tray serve.

Suki Tea now has an international following with 18 partners across the globe you can get a good

cuppa Suki as far as Japan.

Available online at www.suki-tea.com

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